Clever design features can enhance the efficiency of your property, improve accessibility and increase its performance for the end user. From smart homes to eco-friendly workspaces, Hillam Build pioneer cutting-edge solutions for specialist construction projects.

Our innovative, highly professional team take pride in our problem-solving abilities, creating future-proof commercial and residential spaces that meet the specific needs of our clients.

Smart Technology Solutions

Technology is evolving at a rapid pace. As connected devices come to the fore, savvy developers can add value to their properties by making everyday tasks easier for homeowners, staff, and customers. From intelligent lighting to enhanced security, the possibilities are endless for modern construction.

Smart technology can also bring energy-saving benefits with it, making specialist solutions ideal for eco-friendly developers seeking ways to reduce costs and carbon emissions. Whatever your priorities, Hillam Build will ensure your development takes advantage of the latest technology.

Specialist Builds

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Access for all

Accessibility is a crucial concern when developing contemporary spaces, and one that should be considered at every stage of your build. For conscientious developers and those creating a space dedicated to those with limited mobility, Hillam Build ensures that your building is accessible for all.

We will help you pinpoint the precise usage requirements for your property, and pre-empt any specialist needs you may have as a result. From stairlifts to disabled toilets, our intelligent solutions can be tailored for both commercial and residential projects.

Need a specialist construction company with expertise in your niche? Hillam Build has decades of experience in a broad cross-section of industries. If you have a specific problem or requirement, we are more than happy to help. To have a chat with our professionals about your latest project, get in touch to discuss your needs with our team.